1. Preparation time
2. Shipping time
3. Shipping costs
4. Shipping large paintings

1. Preparation time

Orders will be shipped out between 1-7 business days after the order is received. Originals will usually be shipped out in 1-4 business days, with an exception of originals that are currently displayed on exhibitions. Please allow up to 7 business days to collect these originals and prepare them for shipping. If this is the case for your order you will be informed of this via email.

Prints mostly will be sent out in 1-4 business days as well, with an exception of prints that are currently being restocked. As we are a small business we do not keep large inventory and it may happen that a print is not on stock anymore. However, we reorder them instantly so that you can still purchase, even if no print is in stock. Therefore please allow up to 7 business days for us to receive the reordered prints and send them off to you.

2. Shipping time

Shipping time depends on the product you ordered and the destination. Originals usually do ship faster than prints, as they are shipped ensured and with tracking. We are not liable for any delay caused by shipping and/or customs and cannot guarantee the shipping times listed below.

For an estimate runtime please view below. The times listed are not including preparation time listed above. This will come on top.

Albania: 10-16 business days

Australia: 40+ business days

Austria: 2-5 business days

Belgium: 2-4 business days

Bulgaria: 6-12 business days

Canada: 20+ business days

China: 9-14 business days

Croatia: 2-9 business days

Cyprus: 12-26 business days

Czech Republic: 3-5 business days

Denmark: 2-6 business days 
Estonia: 3-9 business days
Finland: 6-14 business days 
France: 3-6 business days

Georgia: 10-26 business days

Germany: 1-2 business days

Greece: 7-12 business days

Hungary: 4-8 business days

Iceland: 14-21 business days

India: 12-22 business days

Indonesia: 12-30+ business days

Ireland: 3-11 business days

Italy: 3-8 business days
Japan: 8-14 business days

Latvia: 3-12 business days 
Lithuania: 3-11 business days 
Luxembourg: 2-6 business days
Malta: 5-9 business days

Monaco: 3-5 business days

Montenegro: 7-10 business days

Netherlands: 2-6 business days 
New Zealand: 50+ business days

North Macedonia: 7-15 business days

Norway: 5-8 business days

Poland: 3-5 business days 
Portugal: 8-9 business days 
Romania: 6-14 business days

Serbia: 7-14 business days

Slovakia: 3-5 business days
Slovenia: 4-5 business days 
Spain: 4-9 business days

Sweden: 4-8 business days

Switzerland: 2-7 business days

Turkey: 4-15 business days

United Kingdom: 3-8 business days

United States of America: 6-60 business days

For countries outside of this list please get in contact individually. We do not ship to Russia or Ukraine at the moment.

3. Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. If you selected your county and no shipping rate is given please get in contact via email. The painting you selected is most likely too big to be shipped easily, see next point.

4. Shipping large paintings

If you have selected a painting that is bigger than 50 x 50 cm or 40 x 60 cm we cannot ship this painting with our standard carrier, that's why you won't see shipping costs in your cart. In this case please contact us for individual calculation of shipping costs.


If you have any questions, please get in touch via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.