• Commissions - Custom artworks just for you

    Art is a very personal topic. When you decide to invest into an original painting you want to make sure you really fall in love with it. Sometimes the one painting is just not there yet. But what's not there yet is only waiting to be created! That's why I offer commissioned paintings. Lets create a special piece that speaks to your soul.

commissions - custom artworks just for you

Art is a very personal topic. When you decide to invest into an original painting you want to make sure you really fall in love with it. Sometimes the one painting is just not there yet. But what's not there yet is only waiting to be created! That's why I offer commissioned paintings. Lets create a special piece that speaks to your soul.

Custom artworks - As individual as it gets


Whats better than an original painting? Not many things, but maybe a custom original painting made specifically just for you! To own a painting that makes you smile whenever you look at it, that resembles something you love, that is 100% you. Your colors, your subject matter and most important: your soul and mind.


Commissions are also a great way to surprise your loved ones with a very special present that can't be bought in any store. Whether it be their loved fur friend, a soulful abstract in their favorite colors or a scene that reminds them of a special moment, whenever they look at it. An artwork dedicated just to them is one of the most unique presents possible.

How it works - Step by step to your custom artwork

Ideas for personalized artwork comissions


First of, we need to know what your custom artwork will be all about. What do you want to see? Do you want your artwork to be influenced by an existing artwork of mine? Which colors do you like? Please download my commission-guide and pricelist to start.

Sketches for commission artwork


Now it's time to contact me and ask about a personal painting! I'll send you an offer for your requested piece. If you accept my offer I'll start with ideation. Sketching, scribbling, idea finding. I'll prepare some visualisations for you, so we have a basis to discuss.

Finished personalized art comission


When everything is set up clearly I'll get in my studio and start creating your unique custom artwork. I'll send you photos of your piece in progress and we'll check if any adjustions need to be made. Then your custom artwork will be off on its way to your home - of course with its own certificate of authenticity.

Ready to get your own personalized artwork?


I get it: it's is quite risky to ask for a custom piece - what if it doesn't look like you imagined? Compared to "just" buying a ready made artwork - creating a custom artwork together is a whole journey by itself. No worries - we'll be discussing very detailledly what you imagine for your artwork and I'll create custom visualisations just for you, so you get an idea of how it could look. Want me to show you the visualisation up in your livingroom? That's possible as well, just send me a photo of the room it should go in.


Want to know more?


Put in your name and email below and you'll automatically receive the comission-guide and pricelist document! No obligation included, just take a look and decide for yourself.


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Did I paint a commission for you? I'd be happy about a review!

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Isabella`s painting style and her connection to nature made me take a chance getting a personalized painting (which I thought to be impossible). The whole process was crystal clear, perfectly organized, and well communicated! Isabella really listened to my thoughts and emotions and magically transformed them to a stunning piece of art that I love dearly! It’s more than I ever could have imagined or hoped for! If possible: way more than 5 stars!

Frequently asked questions


What does a commissioned painting cost?

That depends mostly on the size of your commissioned painting, and a little bit on what materials you choose. I recommend you download my guide on commissions which also includes a detailled pricelist. You can do so by entering your name and e-mail above and you'll automatically be sent more info.


Can you paint my dog / cat / horse?

Yes! And I can also paint your budgie, goldfish or chicken if you'd like. It's important that you send me a good quality photo of your beloved animal and I'll create a beautiful artwork in my style from it. What makes a good photo, you ask? Make sure the light is good - it can be evenly lit from the front, or if you like that effect, have a lighter side where the light comes from. Make sure your pet sits in the position you want it to be painted! I can't make your standing dog sit, I'm not a dog trainer. Jokes aside - I need a reference photo of the animal just as you want to see it painted. Check for a good quality. I don't need a huge file to print but it shouldn't be blurry or pixelated. All parts of your pet should be visible on the photo - no cut of paws, ears, wings etc.


What style can I request a commission in?

You can request a commission in my style! That's why I call my commissions "customized paintings". They will be custom taillored for you, but you will still see, that it's me who painted it. And with that comes a (mostly colorful) abstract background and a somewhat realistic subject. I won't paint a hyperrealistic painting for you, nor will I paint a impressionist subject, nor will I paint your subject in Van Gogh style. There must be some reason you ask me and not a hyperrealist/impressionist/... painter to do it, right?


Can you copy an existing painting?

Not really. And there are multiple reasons for that: Original art should be original - which means there's only one of a kind. BUT if it's my art that you're talking about I can however create an original that's somewhat close to your inspiration painting by me, but could be understood more as a serial to it. I will however never copy other artists work.


What time do I need to calculate with for the commission?

That depends a lot on my and your schedule. But I'd say bring a minimum of four weeks. There's times when I'll catch the client's ideas in the first visualisation, then paint it without obstacles, let it dry, varnish and send it out without complications. But there's also times where we need two to three rounds of visualisations, lots of discussions and some small changes in the process. If both of us then also have a full calendar, it can easily take more time. I don't want to rush the process also, as it directly affects the quality of the painting and it also absolutely needs some days to dry before and after varnishing. If you contact me about a commission I will tell you when I can start the process according to my calendar. How long it takes depends on both of us then.


Do you paint commissions in oil or acrylic?

I paint commissions in acrylic / mixed media. Only if you absolutely prefer it, I can add a layer of oil in the end. This will however have the effect, that the painting needs to dry way longer - we're talking about months here. So if you're considering an oil commission, please calculate that in.


How do you know what I want?

That is a good question! Of course I can't take a look in your head to see what you want your commission to look like! But in the process you'll describe a lot of things to me, from which I'll create a visualisation or two or three. I'll send them to you and we can discuss and change it up before I even start painting. Don't like the blue that I suggested? I'll show you what it looks like in green! Don't like the abstract pattern I suggested? Let's try another one! Want to add some birds or flowers? Sure, here's how it could look! Please do keep in mind though that the visualisation is not carved in stone. It's a basis for discussion and a guideline for me once I'll create the painting. The abstract elements will however absolutely vary a bit and the original will look a little different. It's an original painting after all.


Do I have to make a deposit?

Yes. Once you accept my offer and I start the creative process, you'll have to put down 20% of the final sum. Once the painting is finished, I'll send you a photo of what it looks like and you pay the rest before I send it out to you, just like you would when buying a finished piece of art.


Do you offer payment plans for your commissions?

Yes, I do offer payment plans! Please contact me for further details so we can see what fits best for you.