• About me - Isabella Beck

    I am a mixed media fine artist based near Munich, Germany. My art is inspired by the beauty of nature around us - wildlife, botanicals and scenery.

about me - isabella beck

I am a mixed media fine artist based near Munich, Germany. My art is inspired by the beauty of nature around us - wildlife, botanicals and scenery.

Artist biography

From youngest age on German artist Isabella Beck has been an arts, design and visual communication enthusiast. After graduating with a degree in communication design in 2017 she proceeded to channel her creativity professionally in forms of graphic design and illustration. It was just 2020, when the world went upside down, that she decided to refocus on her true passion for fine arts and further pursue her art career, by expanding her creative network and attending international fine art courses. At the moment she is graduating from Milan Art Institute in Georgia, USA, where she attended a program for fine art painting mastery.

Isabella’s paintings are inspired by the beauty of the earth, her style a unique mixture of realistic subjects and abstract, graphic backgrounds.


“Merging the abstract into my realistic paintings embodies freedom and vastness to me. The same freedom and vastness, that I experience when traveling, when wandering in nature, when taking deep breaths of fresh air and getting awestruck by the wonders of our natural surroundings. The thought that there’s always something unknown to discover, in nature as well as in art, makes me beyond excited”
Born from appreciation for the earth her paintings invite the viewer to find and remember their connection to nature, their adventures and the strength in these memories.

From the love of nature originates a longing to create art in unity with nature, not only honing in on subject mater, but also in means of maximising sustainability in art. Next to her original artwork Isabella is developing a product line of sustainable sourced prints as well as other products. Her graduation collection has been featured in international art fairs already and both, her original collections as well as her sustainable product line will be sold internationally.



Feb 21 - current

Exhibition in Erding, Germany themed "Hoffnung" (Hope)


26.-28. Nov 21

Art Nordic in Copenhagen

April - June 22

Solo-Exhibition in Erding, vaccination center

7.-8. May 22

KeKuKa Artfair in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich

Aug - Dec 22

Solo-Exhibition in Bockhorn townhall

11. & 17.-18. Sep 22

Bergfestival Türkenfeld

12. & 13. Nov 22

Kunst- und Designmarkt Munich


About my art style

Inspired by nature I create artworks that capture and cherish the beauty of our pristine surroundings. Regardless of whether it’s wildlife, botanicals, or landscapes that are being portrayed ‒ my paintings are a pictorial hymn to the uniqueness of nature. The merging of abstraction and realism ‒ which is a central element of my style ‒ embodies freedom and vastness to me. What’s giving me wings is the exciting thought that there’s always something more, something unknown to discover ‒ in our surroundings as well as in art. I hope my paintings spread this curiosity and awe wherever they may go.

Take a look into my studio

Abstract animal artist Isabella Beck with her paintings
Artist portrait Isabella Beck
Abstract nature artist Isabella Beck painting

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